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Analyst firm Forrester estimates approximately 10 – 20% of IT software costs result from lack of effective software controls being in place. Software license management, or SLM, is part of an overall software asset management (SAM) capability and helps control total IT licensing costs.

Be Savvy with your Licensing

Work with SoftwareLicensingPros, powered by XTIVIA. We have the experience to untangle your software suite, navigate vendor licensing requirements and help you streamline your licensing investments.

We are standing by to learn about your organization, then explore and optimize your software licensing needs.

Amir Shalev

Amir Shalev

Vice President, Software Licensing

Amir has 20+ years of deep experience with IBM’s software. He helps current and future IBM customers make the most of their licensing investments, and guides IBM business partners in increasing sales to their customers.

How to Choose Your License

There are different types of licenses, potentially complex user agreements and security, and the need to optimize your licensing investments especially as related to your existing IT environment. Choosing to purchase and/or renew licenses to meet company business targets is a critical decision. Spending too much or get licenses you don’t need or use means wasting company resources. Not having the right licenses or having enough to go around risks compliance questions, limits productivity and, ultimately, bottom-line performance. Not knowing the vendor’s ecosystem can cost valuable time in negotiations.

Work with one of our experts to ensure you have what you need, when you need, at the best rate and with the least amount of time to get it right.

Leverage Software Licensing Pros to Reduce Software Costs


  • Staff time navigation complex licensing = lost revenue generation
  • Purchasing / renewing unused or unnecessary licenses
  • Need to leverage old applications
  • Not purchasing the right applications User over-limit usage
  • Not knowing what licenses are needed
  • Complex vendor product-sphere
  • Slow vendor-direct negotiations


  • Deep expertise and vendor relationship to navigate the system
  • Access to “best” pricing/even less than vendor-direct
  • Experience with preventing/resolving compliance audits
  • No wasted time spent negotiating
  • Maximize staff time and value


  • Maximize employee time and value–ease your decision making process.
  • Forget vendor negotiation, let us provide reduced license costs.
  • Availability for fast licensing renewals, to lower your costs.

"It’s easy to make mistakes when purchasing IBM Software. Our team of experts have helped hundreds of companies, reduce their software costs and prepare you for a software audit when needed. We are here to help."

– Dennis Robinson | CEO, XTIVIA

Upcoming contract renewal? Want a licensing compliance review? Just received an audit letter? Looking to reduce licensing expenses?

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